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Graco Airless Accessories

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  • Graco Airless Spray Guns

    Graco’s innovative Contractor and FTx Guns are designed to be the longest lasting, most reliable airless spray guns on the market. They’re the #1 choice of painting contractors, and they deliver the reliability and performance you’ve come to expect from Graco to achieve a professional finish.

    The Contractor PC airless spray gun delivers exclusive Graco innovations in comfort and durability that you’ll come to rely on for every job — a custom fit with an exceptional finish, every time.

    Breakthrough Technology Keeps You Spraying. Reduce downtime with 1-part, on-the-job gun rebuild

    • Exclusive no-tools ProConnect Replacement Cartridge
    • Needle and all wear parts in one simple part
    • Simply replace cartridge — it’s like getting a brand new gun


    • Contractor PC Airless Spray Gun
      • Part #: 17Y044 – Description: Contractor PC with RAC X™ Guard & RAC X LTX 517 SwitchTip™
      • Part #: 17Y043 – Contractor PC with RAC X Guard & Low Pressure RAC X LP 517 SwitchTip
    • Contractor Gun
      • Part # 288420 – Contractor Gun with RAC X Guard & RAC X LTX 517 Tip (Two finger gun)
    • FTX Gun
      • Part # 288430 – FTX Gun with RAC X Guarg & RAC X LTX 517 Tip (Four finger gun)

    Graco’s Contractor FTX gun is a well-balanced, lightweight, full-trigger airless spray gun. It features easy access filter and built-in swivel for less operator fatigue. Comes complete with 517 RAC X Tip Guard and performance series dripless tip guard. Maximum working pressure 0-3,300 psi (248 bar).

    For more information, download the Product Brochure

    Availability: instock

  • Graco Reversible Spray Tips

    Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) SwitchTips

    RAC X Switchtips are the highest performing and longest lasting tips in the industry! RAC X is designed to maintain a wider spray pattern for a longer period of time. A wider spray fan means fewer passes with the gun and better productivity.

    Graco LP XXX

    Graco introduces NEW LP TIPS FOR LARGE SURFACE AND HIGH PRODUCTION APPLICATIONS leading the industry with the world’s largest offering of low pressure tips.

    Graco FFLP XXX

    Breakthrough LOW PRESSURE SmartTip™ Technology, engineered to deliver the industry’s best finish. For all fine finish applications AND any residential or commercial application where low pressure benefits are desired

    Availability: instock

  • Graco Tip Extensions

    RAC X Tip Extensions Maximum WPR: 4050 psi, (280 bar, 28.0 MPa)

    Includes: RAC X HandTite Guard standard with 7/8 in (22 mm) gun nut and OneSeal

    Availability: instock

    Availability: instock

  • Graco Gun Filters

    The easiest way to maximize spray performance is to use Graco brand filters in your guns. Using and maintaining filters also saves time and money by extending the life of your equipment and reducing project down time. Designed for easy field replacement, it’s a great idea to keep an extra gun filter with you on every project.

    Availability: instock

    Availability: instock

  • Graco Manifold Pump Filters

    Maximize spray performance use Graco brand filters in your sprayer. Using and maintaining filters also saves time and money by extending the life of your equipment and reducing project down time. Designed for easy field replacement, it’s a great idea to keep an extra manifold filter with you on every project

    Availability: instock

  • Graco Hose Fittings, Unions, and Hose Accessories

    Pressure rated Hose Fittings, Unions, and Hose Accessories to easily join airless hoses with the same or different diameter threads.

    Availability: instock

  • Graco BlueMax II Airless Hose

    Graco’s BlueMax II Hose is the ideal choice for maximum performance. With superior flexibility and durability, BlueMax
    II is designed to ensure you get the best results from your airless sprayer.

    Specs: 3300 psi ( 227 bar, 22.7 MPa) maximum working pressure rated at 82.2˚C temperature

    Availability: instock

  • Graco Pressure Rollers

    Painting with a pressure roller has never been this easy! No more climbing and stopping to dip the roller in a messy paint tray. Simply pull the gun trigger when you need more paint and keep rolling. Pressure rolling is ideal when spraying is not possible.

    Availability: instock

    Availability: instock

  • Graco Jet Rollers

    Lightweight and portable, the JetRoller consists of a spray roller, a spray extension and a hand roller in one complete kit. It fits existing airless sprayers and is the ideal time-saving addition to your painting arsenal. The JetRoller combines rolling and spraying into one action, saving time and labor on spray/ back roll projects. Ideal for rough or porous surfaces, the JetRoller minimizes overspray and delivers a consistent quality finish.

    Availability: instock

    Availability: instock

  • Graco Clean Shot & Poles

    CleanShot Shut-Off Valve’s Unique needle valve shuts fluid off at the tip for a clean pattern – no spitting Coupled with Graco’s full line of Extended Reach Tools are ideal for hard to-reach areas like soffits, stairways and vaulted ceilings. Extend your range and spray more efficiently without ladders or scaffolding.

    Availability: instock

  • Graco Pump Lowers & Fluids

    One of the most important sprayer components is the pump lower. Graco Fluids are proprietary formulations designed to protect Graco lowers from corrosion and freezing. They will extend pump life and assure sprayers are in top performance when you need them. Graco manufactures the industry’s most durable and simple-toreplace pump lowers. These lowers are wear items and need regular maintenance to operate at peak performance. Keeping a spare lower on hand for quick and easy replacement will maximize spray time.

    Availability: instock

Showing 1-11 of 11 results