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Airmax 16-200L


Precision Airmax single phase series are designed to stand the rigors of trade demand and light commercial usage. They are European built and assembled to a high quality standard with the best features and performance for single phase.

  • Standard Features Include:
    • ABAC Pump with cast iron cylinders (long life)
    • Aluminum head with advanced technology valves and after cooler for superior performance (FAD)
    • MEC type European motor
    • Molded belt guard for maximum air cooling to pump and operator safety
    • Regulated and unregulated outlets
    • 30 Years proven reliability and performance
    • Airmax 16-200L – The proven ABAC high efficiency pump delivers the highest FAD available on 240v power.  Suitable for smaller tyre and panel shops, factories for a wide range of application, which are beyond the ability of smaller units.  Comes on 4 legs, optional wheel kit is available
  • Part No: SPATC16 (15 Amp Plug)
    • Motor Size (HP): 3
    • Displacement (CFM): 14.8
    • Air Delivery (FAD): 12.6
    • Max Psi: 125
    • Tank Capacity (L): 200
    • Weight (Kg): 96