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ATC 50


Precision Air has over 30 years track record of reliable reciprocating piston compressors to the NZ industrial market. We use ABAC pumps which is a leading European manufacture to ISO9001 standards. Of note is the exceptional FAD (Free Air Delivery) in some cases over 85% of displacement. This is achieved by precision engineering and tolerance, advanced technology valves with the 2 stage technology for maximum efficiency and include intercoolers & after coolers. Other features include roller bearing crank, replaceable shell bearings, molded belt guards to maximize cooling, energy efficient motors, CE rated tanks.

The ATC50 is increasing in demand as workshops demand more air, Using the highly efficient NS59 delivering 41cfm
FAD, this unit has the advantage of energy savings over rotary screw type continuous run costs, in a situation where
demand is erratic. Includes a star-delta soft start system.

  • Motor Size (HP): 15
  • Displacement (CFM): 46.4
  • Air Delivery (FAD): 41.3
  • Max Psi: 150
  • Tank Capacity (L): 500
  • Dimensions CM LxWxH: 210 x 62 x 134
  • Weight (Kg): 325