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Boss 1 – Petrol


Boss 1 is designed for applications where pressure is required for removal of engrained grime or where the surface is being prepared for new paint. 3000psi will remove all of this and there is a good water flow 13.2L/min, which most house taps will keep up with the demand. An excellent partner for a tradesman or contractor, who wants a pump to reliably perform all day long, every day.

Part No: 9PHTA13

  • Code: 14
  • Model Name: Boss 1
  • Motor: GX270 9Hp
  • Maximum Pressure (PSI) cont: 3000
  • Litre Flow Per Minute (L/Min): 13.2
  • Hose Length (Mitres): 15
  • Pump Type: RRV Triplex bass head, adjustable unloader
  • Detergent Dispenser: Venturi pick up
  • Dimensions (CM) (LxWxH): 94 x 64 x 80