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Boss 2 – Diesel

Using the heavy duty RKV Triplex stainless steel head with ceramic pistons. Powered by the reliable PowerTech diesel motor and with electric start. It is an extremely reliable, fuel efficient and easy to start. This is ideal for high demand all day operation where sites or contractors prefer to be using diesel.

Part No: SP6DTW13

  • Code: 14
  • Model Name: Boss 3
  • Motor: PowerTech Diesel
  • Maximum Pressure (PSI) cont: 2500
  • Litre Flow Per Minute (L/Min): 13.2
  • Hose Length (Mitres): 15
  • Pump Type:  RKV Triplex stainless steel head, adjustable unloader
  • Detergent Dispenser:  Venturi pick up
  • Dimensions (CM) (LxWxH): 94 x 64 x 80