Wagner Spray Painting Equipment

In Product Release

The perfect family of piston pumps to cater for every painter’s requirements.

From smaller pumps for lighter work right up to larger pumps for higher viscosity materials, larger work sites or for running multiple guns, you will find the right pump in the Wagner ProSpray 3 range. Features include:

Digital Electronic Spray Control
Monitor machine data on the digital display – consumption figures, run times, pressure settings and more. SlowMotion function and FrequentClean feature guarantee trouble-free work and easy clean up.

Innovative Brushless DC Motor
Requires no maintenance and due to its compact dimensions is lightweight. Improved performance allows the motor to work efficiently and consistently at both low and high speeds.

Maintenance made easy – just a push of a button and the piston is oiled and the packings are lubricated. This forms a protective film around the cylinder and piston protecting the unit againts premature wear.

Self Adjusting Packings
New and practical packings on the PS3 range lead to less wear and are simple to change. They have a 50% longer service life leading to significantly lower maintenance costs.

High Pressure Filter
Easily accessible and quick to clean. This additional filtering protects againts paint blockages eliminating work disruptions. Three different filter inserts (fine, medium, coarse) ensure an appropriate match with the material being used.