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ATC 20


Precision Air has over 30 years track record of reliable reciprocating piston compressors to the NZ industrial market. We use ABAC pumps which is a leading European manufacture to ISO9001 standards. Of note is the exceptional FAD (Free Air Delivery) in some cases over 85% of displacement. This is achieved by precision engineering and tolerance, advanced technology valves with the 2 stage technology for maximum efficiency and include intercoolers & after coolers. Other features include roller bearing crank, replaceable shell bearings, molded belt guards to maximize cooling, energy efficient motors, CE rated tanks.

Mounted on 4 leg– 200L tank this unit offers the 2 stage hi pressure (150psi) + hi efficiency output – FAD of nearly 15cfm. This is ideal for small tire or panel shops and factories requiring reliability and quality air.

  • Motor Size (HP): 4
  • Displacement (CFM): 18.1
  • Air Delivery (FAD): 14.8
  • Max Psi: 150
  • Tank Capacity (L): 205
  • Dimensions CM LxWxH: 150 x 45 x 94
  • Weight (Kg): 126