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Contractor 18


Precision Air Contractor series are portable petrol powered compressors are designed and built in our NZ factory to meet the demanding NZ tradesmen and contractors expectations. Heavy duty components and design makes these last many years beyond many imported products. Extremely durable with a proven their track record of reliability, power, performance and popularity for the outdoor contractor. All models are high output, economical to run, very portable and with the over head valve motors they are proven easy starters.

With the proven heavy duty Honda GX200 motor and European 2 cylinder high efficiency pump, the Contractor 18 boasts a genuine 17.4cfm displacement. It also includes a throttle return to auto idle control, this increase the life of both the motor and pump. Power, performance, reliability and value is what the Contractor 18 offers..

  • Part No: SPPA0218
    • Motor Size (HP): 5 Honda GX200
    • Displacement (CFM): 17.4
    • Air Delivery (FAD): 13.8
    • Max Psi: 130
    • Tank Capacity (L): 70
    • Dimensions CM LxWxH: 110 x 54 x 80
    • Weight (Kg): 74